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Navigating wellbeing through a neurodivergent lens from a personal and professional perspective.


I'm Clare Dudeney. I'm autistic, ADHD and dyspraxic. I've been working as a therapist since qualifying as a counsellor in 2009. The psychology of being human is a long-term special interest of mine. I work integratively; incorporating a predominantly Humanistic and Person-Centred therapeutic approach, with additional skills in CBT and Hypnotherapy. I'm also a Movement in Practice Facilitator which allows me to bring in the psychology of movement to my work for clients who are interested in movement and wellbeing. For detailed information about my private therapy services, please visit my profile here with Counselling Directory.


I'm a self-titled 'neuro-nerd' with endless curiosity about, and commitment to, exploring neuro-affirmative therapy. I'm currently undertaking further studies in Positive Psychology as an addition to my therapeutic practice which places focus on our strengths in relation to wellbeing; particularly relevant to neurodivergence. I hope to go on to do research in this area in the next year, and I'm in the process of exploring and designing a therapeutic framework model for autistic and ADHD post-diagnosis wellbeing. Outside of my work, I enjoy walking with my three Labrador Retrievers, exploring nature, dancing (completely unprofessionally and mainly in the kitchen), speaking about my Autistic experience, cooking, reading, music and movies...


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